Business Startup

You have passion. You have outstanding ideas and have decided to pursue your dreams, to dive into the world of entrepreneurship, to finally be in control of your destiny. Now what? How do I start? What resources do I need? How do I set up my financial projections and budgets? Do I qualify for financing and grants?

These are all natural questions, worries, and concerns. It is also the time for the first steps of determining your business Vision, and the actions needed to get your company off the ground!

Trecartin Accounting & Consulting is your partner in navigating and focusing on your key strengths, to build on your core business ideas and plans; including all of the necessary budgets, cash flow forecasts, and financial projections needed to produce a solid foundation as you work towards your business success.

Passion - Vision - Success. It's all possible

Business Startup

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Business Plans

We help business owners prepare a winning business plan; plans that investors and creditors will use as the starting point for their decision-making process.  Each business plans is professionally designed and provides the clear vision and growth strategies you have for your business. 


Projections and the preparation of pro-forma statements can be a confusing and daunting task during your startup phase.  Far too often new business owners prepare overly optimistic projections;  this is natural due to your excitement and belief in your business.  However, investors and creditors demand projections based on facts, current economic data, your competition, and a number of other factors.  We help you prepare projections that are realistic to your current and future growth, providing investors and creditors with unbiased data to base their decisions.


Starting a business certainly has a number of expenses and uncertainties.  Cashflow uncertainty during your startup phases can be difficult to overcome as you start your operations.  We work directly with you to set real and measurable budgets, ensuring your business startup funding and future needs and obligations can be met.  

Loans & Grants

There are a number of available Federal and Provincial loans and grants available to both startup and existing business owners.  We will help you research and apply for business loans and grants that may be available to you.

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