Personal & Business Taxes

Taxes are the way of life and are not going away anytime soon. In fact, taxes are becoming even more complex as business and investment structures change and evolve.  Not surprisingly, both Federal and Provincial Government's have increasingly concentrated on more verifications and audits.  

It is more important than ever to ensure your taxes are filed in compliance with the current laws and regulations, while at the same time, ensuring you are taking full advantages of allowable deductions. My goal is always to reduce or defer your tax liabilities. The same applies to my non-business clients, ensuring they are taking full advantage of allowable credits and other deductions.

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Personal & Business Taxes

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Personal Taxes

We ensure to take advantage of each of every one of the tax credits and other deductions you are entitled to.  We will also review, as a free service, all of your past returns to be certain nothing was missed and if need be, re-file those returns (certain restrictions and conditions apply).  We maintain an ongoing tax file for you and provide advice to reduce your tax liabilities.

Business & Corporate Filing

As your accounting team, we maintain an ongoing and separate set of accounting records and statements required for your annual tax and information returns.  This saves time and provides you with continual information throughout the year on your current and future tax liabilities.  This also serves you with additional information related to your decision-making processes. We maintain an ongoing tax file for your organization and provide advice to reduce your tax liabilities.

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